Spring Styles

The beginning of spring and even though the weather is not really cooperating I managed to put together a small outfit. I pulled out a little H&M Tee shirt black and white stripes plain and simple but fashion forward. This can be found at any H&M for around $12.00, so it is also decently inexpensive. … Continue reading Spring Styles


A Sneaker Life Explained

Sneaker culture and style, it changes like the seasons but my style and preference does not. A lot of new "sneakerheads" are really only following the crowd choosing what is popular at that particular moment in time. Myself in particular choose what I desire or have desired in the past. A sneaker with a story … Continue reading A Sneaker Life Explained

All-Star Weekend Recap!

NBA All-Star weekend was a few weeks ago and it was amazing ! Hundreds of thousands of people coming together to enjoy the awesome game of basketball. Lucky me it came straight to my city which was great! All-Star weekend had tons of pop up shops from Nike, Adidas, Black Sheep Skate shop, The Social … Continue reading All-Star Weekend Recap!

Fashion Friday!

Fashion friday brings out a simple stylish outfit. I pulled out an awesome Odd Future Pull over wind breaker along with some skinny stacked pacsun jeans, and lastly the Royal Air Jordan 1's. It is a simple outfit and the Odd Future Windbreaker is super comfortable very well made and decently inexpensive. This windbreaker cost … Continue reading Fashion Friday!

Stefan Style!

The chronicles of fashion and style continue as I brought about a little throwback with the Stefan Urquelle look. Those who do not know who this fictitious character is, he is Steven Urkells other half the cooler side of the classic nerdy geek from the 90's T.V. show. I picked up a Tommy Hilfiger 90's … Continue reading Stefan Style!

After Holiday Sales!

Everybody shops before the Holidays and they look for the best prices they can find. Yet, not many people will shop after the holiday season because all of their money has been spent buying presents. Most companies will have better sales after the holidays because this is when they are trying to balance the returned … Continue reading After Holiday Sales!