An upcoming clothing line that you need to jump on to quickly because it is going to blow up ! This clothing line created by Youtube personalities bull1trc and tonyd2wild has really grown even though, from day one they had their youtube platforms to market on. Their style is honestly impeccable it is a mixture of the old school, new school, west coast and east coast style. This clothing line goes from windbreaker joggers, lux shorts, basketball shorts designed after old school NBA logos, to Jackets, Windbreakers, Button ups, and t-shirts. I have been watching their clothing line grow for years now, and honestly it has come so far I just had to post about it. Sample Industries came from the early sneaker culture before the hype beasts took over and has really come in to its own. More of a laid back brand for streetwear lovers but with the button up plaid shirts and jean jackets you can really dress this up if you desired to do so. A lot of their clothing if you are a sneakerhead tends to coincide with drops of today. This up and coming clothing line honestly deserves more attention and will more than likely be in your local footaction before you know it and maybe even Urban Outfitters. I definitely suggest you take a look below and at their website and get something while supplies last and while they are still decently exclusive and unknown. Be ahead of the curve with this brand before it goes mainstream. Link below !


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