The decline ! Sneakers as a whole will never decline because it is such a staple in the culture of fashion and style. As of late though I as a sneaker lover have noticed that Jordan is headed toward another drought for a few years like it did back while I was in high school. This was back between 2008-2012 Jordan really fell off because it did not fit the culture Lebron was in Miami with his signature shoe that could be dressed up or down. Kobe and Kevin Durant were coming in to their own where you could put a nice polo with them or just wear basketball shorts black Nike socks and a t-shirt and have people turning heads depending on how outlandish the colorway was. During this time period there was a little dance called Jerking based out of California that became very popular even though few could really get in to the dance the style and the culture spread nationwide a nice pair of Vans some skinny jeans and a plaid shirt or T-shirt with a snapback hat and you were IT! Beginning in 2012 for the next few years Kobe and Kevin Durant’s signature shoe models really came in to their own nobody could keep them on shelves at the price point of a little over $100 if that for the KDs and Kobes they were a perfect shoe for parents not to expensive and could be worn anywhere except to maybe church or a uppity party. Even better for the kids because for a low price they could imitate their favorite players on and off the court. These days though sneakers like Lebrons, Kevin Durants, Stephen Curry, Kyrie, Kobe (even though he is retired), and many others are not focused on being able to dress them out and about but more focused on strictly making sure that players can really play in them. Jordans in true Jordan Brand fashion as always is dropping the same sneakers in different colors month after month and people still buy them but there is no longer a long line to wait in or tickets to go and sign up for the Wednesday prior to the release date. You can pretty much just walk in and grab a pair and walk out no problem unless it is something that is “exclusive” or hyped up for no reason. Jordan brand for years prior to the last two has always raised the price of Jordans by $10 each year but now that has come to a halt because of the public outcry of increased prices and decreased quality. Even though Jordans still sell slowly but surely a surprise is that Air max has really came back with a vengeance, whether it be the 97’s, 95’s, 90’s it does not matter Air max are hard to keep on shelves. The sneaker culture has done a complete loop in what the new style is except the fact it is still all about the hype which shoe is “exclusive?” what can I have that nobody else will have ?   what shoe can nobody else afford? I have worked in a sneaker store and had the local drug dealer come to me saying “which shoe is the most expensive shoe you have in here” only because he wanted to have what others could probably not afford. Regular sneakers like Jordans, Nike, Adidas (including yeezy) are really becoming a side not to the more exclusive more expensive sneakers like Gucci, Christian Louboutin, and Balenciaga. It is all a status symbol even though you can not pay your electric bill you got the most expensive shoes and have heads turning that is all that matters these days. Personally I believe in the same shoes I have wanted since I got my first job I have made little pit stops in the hype culture but I try not to stay for long and keep moving. I think soon we will see running shoes come back in style not the old school runners like the Air Max but back to flyknit and primeknit when the temperatures rise this spring they are going to come back and Jordan will continue its descent into disparity for the next few years until the come up with a great marketing campaign or a celebrity jumps on to the brand and gives it life. Sneakers and sneaker culture is really fading, do not buy sneakers for the hype buy them because you genuinely like them whether or not somebody else has them make them different switch up your outfit and make them take you in as a whole not just your shoes. As I started this blog I realized that clothes come in and out of season quicker than Drake drops an album but that is just the world we all live in these days. I refuse to follow the hype and will only buy sneakers, boots, and clothes that I truly like and that will make all the difference. Do not follow the crowd have them follow you.




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