Zaful, it is a considerably new and unknown fashion website to us here in the U.S. that I have not heard many people talk about but our European counterparts tend to use this site and love the quirky, fashion forward, new style of what this website brings to the table. The vibe I get from this site is amazing! Male and Female styles that can be dressed up or down for a great price. They continually have sales all year long but they are constantly bringing new designs and pieces to the table to keep you up to date with the fashion and styles of the day. Seeing as how not many people pay to much attention to this site like they do more mainstream websites like Urban Outfitters,  Pacsun, and Fashionnova I think this is a great place to find some different styles and clothes that will make you stand out from the crowd and have your friends ask you “where did you get that?” Notably this is more geared towards women but on the mens side of the website they still offer great products from fashionable jackets, shirts, pants and more! This is one of few websites that I have came across where I could spend less than $100 and get two full outfits not including shoes so when I found this website I had to jump on and order a few jackets. As I said before this website is more geared towards females and they do not disappoint this website will have you look like your favorite celebrity for half the price whether it be the Kardashians, Rihanna, Beyonce, or whomever you really look up to when it comes to fashion. This website can take you from regular walking around to turning heads with very little money to started a majority of the female clothes are less than $50 and offer more styles than your regular H&M at the same price point. Lets be honest everybody loves H&M for the most part but if you want to start a new trend and try to break free from the straps of common clothes this is it. I implore you to check this website out and give it a try ! I will post pictures on my Just ME page once my order comes in and on my Instagram @fashionsvn7 so give me a follow and join my journey through fashion! Check out the links below for discounts and a link to the website included! Also a little video of what the app looks like as well so you can order anything you need on the go! 



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