The moment we have been waiting for has finally arrived ! Chris Brown and the 6god Drake have finally set aside their differences and came together and performed. An amazing sold out show in Los Angeles friday night 10/12/2018 is one I am sure we will all remember. Drizzy brought Breezy out to perform in which you know Chris Brown has impeccable style comes out with an amazing pair of classic old skool vans, skinny jeans rolled up to show off his socks that are clearly meant to bring back the old school vibe down low, but when you get up top he brings out a Burberry puff jacket worth just under $1400 with a black pyramid bag to the front a bust down Cuban necklace and amazing pair of glasses which I am sure he does not need but it goes along with the fit. Chris Brown is known for his amazing style and simplicity when it comes to clothing, notice I say simplicity and not frugality because in my wildest dreams I would not pay $1400 for a jacket but hey, if you got it like that do you. img_3704

On to Drizzy the 6god himself comes out with a pair of Air Max TN, Essential, Plus whatever you prefer to call them. These have been specially made and modified for his highness for his tour in which he has had a plethora of colors and nobody else has these shoes. They do not lace like the regular ones we may be able to buy at our local footlocker the eyelets go down to the midsole and the shoe laces themselves are a thick pair of rope lace normally with a hint of specal in them. Drake a little less known for his style is a simple guy all black sweats no branding on them because as we know right now he is only rocking his Air Max and OVO collection. He pulled out a black Tee but more interestingly hr pulled out a vest which has caught fire when it comes to style but this vest is his own brand of course but leather which I am sure if it is on his highness Drizzy is premium leather. My thought is, is he wearing this vest because he did not know how Chris Brown might act backstage. Just kidding but really, Drake pulled out a simple fit for this eternally awe inspiring moment of him and Chris Brown finally coming together personally I am a little disappointed. Back to his shoes though the best part of his outfit I believe, below you will see a pair of his “Performance Only” Air Max Plus. img_3705

They are a work of art and it seems to be one of one that only 6god himself has. If Nike does not do a general release on these I will be highly surprised because the hype around these shoes are ridiculous. The two iconic KINGS came out killing the game as usual in a simple way though nothing to over extravagant all the way down to the jewelry simple. I can not wait to see what this brings in the future between Drake and CB will there be a collab with clothing lines and or maybe a collab with a mixtape or album lets hope so because either or both would be amazing. Lets keep out hopes up and watch and see what will come to fruition.



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