A more modern brand as it clearly states in the naming of the brand right? Shop Modern Clothing was started in 2015 that is built off of making clothes geared towards Contemporary fashion, skate, and streetwear culture. This brand brings a more laid back style to the table for everyday streetwear and fashion. Along with this brand comes a splendid collection of bomber jackets, windbreakers, jean jackets, and hoodies. This particular company comes with a very simple style that you can easily put together an outfit just using this particular brand. Shop Modern even brings a small line of sneakers to the table not a particularly great collection of shoes but they do have them. The best thing about this brand is the price point not many items including jackets go above $100. They still bring a great assortment of clothing to the table in all aspects of fashion. I think this is another great clothing brand that goes under the radar and needs more exposure so please check them out and expand your horizon before they make it to the mainstream hype beasts. Take a step outside of the normal brands and take a chance with this brand they will not disappoint I am sure!



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