Fashion for me has come a long way from when I graduated high school to now. In high school for me 2008-2012 fashion went from ed hardy shirts and jeans with a lot of rivets in them my freshman year, to skinny jeans and tees or basketball shorts and tees my senior year. Fashion changes with the season but the last two years it has been pretty steady. A nice pair of sneakers some skinny jeans ripped or not and a nice shirt from a good brand or some brand nobody has heard of that is different pretty much throws you in to being “fly”. These days I have come to the conclusion fashion is not the clothes you wear but how you wear them and the confidence you have in them. You have to own what you wear wholeheartedly, whether it be the regular basic clothes with a little flair of a jacket. Alpha-Industries-UO-Fishtail-Parka-800x1200

Maybe you want to throw on a nice button up polo and style it up for a more casual look that you can still go to the club in. I personally like this style a lot because I can wear it to work when I tuck it in and head straight out to the club after I pull my shirt out of my pants.asos-design-Navy-Asos-Knitted-Vertical-Stripe-Polo-In-Navy

The thing about style and fashion is that you can really put anything together and make it look nice if you have that confidence to own it. Whether you like the urban look of sneakers, tees, and hoodies, or maybe you are little more dressy to the point you wear boots skinny jeans and parkas or cargo jackets. You determine your own style and you own it. As I get older even though I strongly lean towards casual urban fashion. I have expanded my horizon to try new things. Parkas, Peacoats, Dad hats, Boots, skinny cargo pants, and skinny jeans are becoming the norm for me. As me and my friends say Fall is where the people who can dress thrive because you have so many different ways to style because it is not quite cold and not quite hot so you can really switch your style everyday.  A nice flannel with a hoodie underneath some skinny jeans and some nice looking boots will really make a head turn towards you, but do not forget the accessories a simple watch not to much to bring all the attention to your wrist but enough to compliment your clothes is a must. 41614189_278032463040300_839440060242796581_n

Clothes can grab the attention but accessories really show that you have an eye for fashion. Just like relationships the little things matter the most. Let your accessories compliment your outfit. In 2018 clothes that fit your body just right not to tight not to baggy are what is in these days. A lot has changed from the times of old and will continue to change but just because the style changes does not mean you have to throw away the whole closet. You just adapt and make your own style and use your confidence to make it fashionable. When Kanye started wearing “dad” sneakers like the Yeezy wave runners and 500 desert rats everybody thought to themselves what in the world is he wearing. Two months late Balenciaga has the largest heaviest sneakers I have ever held or put on. Personally I could not wear them but now they are every where the bigger the shoe the better. Kanye owned his new style just like every style he decides in fashionable to him and it just starts to spread because others think to themselves “If he can wear it why can’t I?” This comes to what my mother told me growing up and like most parents tell their children “Do not follow the crowd, make them follow you”. The true meaning of my blog today is that you should not do what everybody else is doing because the new style is continuously changing, just find your own personal style stick with it and own it. Regardless of what everybody else is doing you will stand out from the crowd and turn heads by just being different and yourself. Fashion quotes images ideas best pics (37)



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