Welcome back to my followers and Welcome to my new visitors! I have found the most amazing product I think Amazon has ever came up with and it is Prime Wardrobe ! Amazon has now given the ability to its Amazon Prime Members to order clothes from their website receive the clothes try them on, see if they like them and want to keep them if so they will charge the card 7 days after the delivery date! The best part about this is that if you do not like the clothes for some reason you can return them for free and you will not be charged! Even though in this day in age a lot of shopping is done online, which can be very nerve racking for most people because you do not have the ability to try on the clothes and it is a headache to return them. Amazon has jumped on to this and I believe this business venture is amazing. Being a blogger about fashion I try to find different ways to find great clothes to share with you all but working full time and going to school full time can really bog down my time to do so. After doing some searching for a wireless mouse for my laptop, I ran across a small little banner on their website talking about this great deal. I immediately signed up got my 6 month free amazon prime trial for college students and ordered some clothes just to try it out. I found everything name brand clothes, sneakers, watches, necklaces, hats,¬† and everything else you can think of. The best part about this product is first, if you don’t have Amazon Prime you can get a free trial starting out just to see if you like it, second, you Amazon Prime is only $5.99 a month free two day shipping and many more discounts!Screen_Shot_2017_06_20_at_9.48.13_AM.0.png

I will provide a link below to sign up for Amazon Prime  just click and try this amazing new deal they have put on the table. After my order comes in I will give you updates on everything I bought and how the outfit comes together I really hope you enjoy this discount and amazing, convenient, awesome opportunity!

Amazon Prime !

Amazon Gift Card!


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