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Being an avid shopper finding deals is very necessary and I have come across the perfect way to shop name brand and not spend a whole check for us regular 9-5 workers in the world. I have bought Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, and more at huge discount prices and it is very easy if you follow these easy steps. First find your local outlet, for me I am lucky in my city we have an outlet mall and and an actual outlet all within 20 minutes of each other. After you find your local outlet go there and look around see if you like what they have to offer in store. Now that you have seen if you like anything make sure you try on some clothes to determine what size clothes you wear for that particular clothing line, sizes do vary so this is very necessary. Now that you know your size and you know if you like that particular brand, simple question to the closest associate of the store whats your outlet website. After you get the website all you have to do is sign up for the membership and start receiving emails from the brand that you want to shop from. Consistently though out the year these brands have huge end of season sales ranging from 40%-60% off sometimes even more and you just have to get the email and notification to know when these sales are.

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Recently I got a notification from Guess Factory of a huge deal they were having starting from 40%-60% off with an extra 10% off at checkout. The reason these companies do this is to free up space in their warehouses and stores to bring new items they can charge more money for since what they are getting rid of is technically out of season or just not great sellers. Sometimes that is not the case and it is just that they made to many of the clothes and they are getting rid of the leftovers. Either way these sales come up very often. These random sales usually come a month after or before a big shopping season like before Christmas season or After Back to school these are two large dump seasons for brands to get all the bad sellers or old items out and bring in the new items to sell for a larger amount to the un-saavy shopper who has money to waste. DO NOT fall for it shop outlet or out of season before you spend a full check on two outfits. This is the best way to save your money while shopping for clothes in particular. I save thousands every year on clothes and everybody that has me on social media or sees me at work thinks I am the most stylish person they know but I spend half the money they do buying my clothes. Try it and see how much you SAVE! THANK ME LATER!


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