Fashion and clothes has been a passion of mine since my older brother bought me my first pair of Jordan’s, Reebok Classics, and designer Guess pants. He got me addicted to being the most fashionable for the best price possible. Moving forward 12 years from when he started me on this journey of loving clothes and fashion, I decided to try to start my own clothing line because I figured why not? right? Well after months of research and planning I decided it just was not profitable to try and start a clothing line at this time and this is why.

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First, it is ridiculously expensive. If you are not good at graphic design you have to find and pay somebody to bring your idea to life and some people may want royalties off of their design. You also have to think about getting your business license, outsourcing the clothes to be made if you do not have your own equipment or buy your own equipment. Personally, I wanted to outsource and get my clothes made packaged and shipped to me just to open up time for marketing and handling paperwork purposes. Lastly, at least as far as funding goes, you would want to create your website so that it is possible for people to purchase your clothes easily without going through third party websites.

Second, finding a following of people who will buy your clothes consistently is difficult if you do not already have a social media presence. Starting from scratch like I was trying to do would have probably taken thousands of dollars to even get my company to turn a profit just because I do not have a large social media presence sadly. Clothing lines are very temperamental as well if you do not stay in style and on top of every wave that comes and goes with the seasons your clothing line will wash away with the rolling tide.

Third is time, it takes a lot of time and you have to be patient. Plan and do research every day for months and something will still go wrong at some point but it will be a learning point. You do not want to have bad quality so you have to find a good manufacturer, you want to find a manufacturer that will make the quality clothes you want your name attached to, along with the whole package of having the clothes tagged, individually packaged, and shipped to you within a good time frame so you can consistently release new styles and designs. All of this will take months maybe even years to really find everything you need to start and succeed with your clothing line.

I personally did not have the time or funds to start a clothing line because, I work full time, go to school full time and it was just to much to take on at the time. After I did all the research I could with out spending any money in a sense because time is money, I found out that just to start it would take about $2,000. Maybe to some people that is not a lot of money but to me it is and that was just for shirts and hats to start off the clothing line. I would have had to get my LLC, find a graphic designer to bring my idea to life, found the manufacturer that was charging about $6 per shirt to make 8$ per hat depending on the size of the order, marketing on different social media platforms to hopefully get a following, and lastly creating a website and shipping plan to take orders and make sure they got delivered in a timely fashion. Do I believe that it would have been profitable at some point? yes. Yet at the time I could not make it happen, anybody that wants to start a clothing line I want you to know I believe in you and you can make it happen, do not let the struggles and pitfalls stop you or hold you back keep pushing remember this it only takes 30,303 sales of around $33 to make you a million dollars and it is possible. There are around 308 million citizens in the united states you just have to sell to around 1% of them to make yourself a millionaire. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it so good luck! Hopefully, one day I will get back to it and make my dream come true.

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