I have been “fashionable” for years always putting my own twist on different clothes and staying in style. It can be hard just starting out but it can be made easy. I own about 10 pairs of pants that is it. Why do I only own 10 pairs of pants? because that is all that is really necessary less is more. You can turn 10 pairs of pants in to 20 by just changing how you wear them whether you put a cuff at the bottom or pin it to your ankles you can switch the styling of the pants and fool everybody. T-shirts are pretty cheap and a nice Tee along with some different button ups whether its plaid or plain you can switch it up and fool people into thinking you have a lot of different clothes and you really do not. On to the shoes I personally have over 100 different pairs of sneakers but I only wear about 20 consistently after about two weeks everybody you saw previously will have forgotten what you wore earlier that month lets be honest here. Keep your shoes clean and switch them up every week with the different styling of outfits and everybody is going to think my goodness this person is always shopping and buying new clothes but in all reality you are just switching up the same items you already have. Simple accessories like a good looking watch not even expensive maybe an old school Casio watch a small chain and a bracelet will set any outfit  over the top. It is the little things that hold the full image together. Jackets count as accessories in my eyes because they may not always be needed but they can add a little flavor to any outfit but be careful not to go over board with it be simple. I spend around $100 a month on clothes just because shirts fade and different seasons and styles come up that I want to try but, I consistently look as if I have on new clothes plus fashion is just a hobby for me I love to look good because like I always say look good feel good.

man wearing black full zip biker jacket
Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com 

Spending thousands of dollars to stay in style is never necessary to be perceived as fashionable. Switch the styling of how you wear your clothes and people will lose their minds and start noticing you as a local fashion icon. Simplicity is key and less is more.


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