H&M  or Forever 21 which is better ? This is like  comparing Lebron and Michael Jordan they just can not really be compared. H&M a clean street wear fashion that you can also wear to a formal event or to work if you work a boring 9-5 job. Forever 21 more of an Urban Streetwear fashion meant to hit the club in honestly. Forever 21 a quirky store with fashion forward style for a great price. H&M has great deals on clothes as well and great style but they are not as Urban as Forever 21. You will find more polos, button ups, and sweaters in H&M wear as you can find plenty of hoodies t-shirts and jackets with graphic designs in Forever 21. The best part about both of these companies is there price point they rarely exceed $100 for any item in the store and you can put together multiple outfits with every article of clothing you buy. The designers behind these two iconic brands have really been rolling out the heat the last few years.

They keep their ears to the ground and fingers on the pulse of new fashion every single season. Every week there are new styles re-stocks and more in both stores. Recently in my last post I picked up an entire outfit from H&M next is Forever 21 and I can not wait to find some fire outfit they have in store and show you all. Forever 21 being more focused on the female side when it comes to in-store I may have to order from the website rather than actually go to the mall and shop but well worth the wait. I highly suggest shopping with these brands even though they are not “designer” fashion they bring good quality cheap fashionable style to the table and to me the more you get for your money the better. The face off between these brands will continue for a long time to come but they are nothing alike and yet completely similar we will just have to shop at both depending on the event.


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