So as most of us know and if you do not know you will soon after reading this. The NBA dropped its regulation on sneakers this year, so now NBA players can wear any sneaker they choose and style and any color ! This has got to be the greatest thing since sliced bread if you ask me. Recently I have not noticed to many NBA players besides maybe Kyrie Irving taking advantage of this new found freedom but not to fret I have found the NBA’s secret sneaker head nobody pays attention to. Lance Stephenson of the L.A. Lakers has been bringing the heat on court in every Jordan you can think of and a few customs. Everybody sleeps on Lance Stephenson because the last few seasons he did wear And 1 which is an iconic brand especially from where he hails New York. This season though along side Lebron James I believe that Lance has better sneakers on court than Lebron every night here is just a taste of what he has worn thus far.

Ridiculous right? It has only been a few games in which the Lakers even with Lebron James have not done very well, but here is Lance Stephenson the star with sneakers on court killing the game. Stephenson is not a Jordan Brand athlete but has came a long way from his And 1 days take a look.

He is on the come up, even last year he was stepping out in some crazy heat that nobody really notices because even though with his extravagant plays on court he goes under the radar sort of like P.J. Tucker ( North Carolina native shout him out for the home team I am from Carolina as well) who probably has the craziest sneaker game in the league for sure. Now that the NBA has dropped their regulations on kicks on court I am sure we can expect many more crazy colorways or sneakers from Lance, P.J., Lebron, and plenty others this is just the start to something enormous. I will keep you updated on the craziest kicks on court weekly stay tuned!



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