Fashion today, there are a lot of different styles and trends but I want to speak on the younger generation from age 14-25. It seems as if the most fashionable styles are simplistic or expensive. Style goes back and forth between 90’s fashion to more clean cut straight forward fashion. I have personally noticed that most of this generation wants the most expensive clothes to show that they have “money”. This to me is not necessary because buying Gucci and other designer brands seems like a waste of money to me, crazy right? I do not think so at all the more you spend on a single shirt diminishes the funds you have to spend on other articles of clothing and most of these companies that are “designer” are made in the same factory that cheaper companies have their clothes made. We are all just paying for a name brand to show off or flex for friends and other random people we will never see again life more than likely. I guess what I am trying to say is, I have been dressing well for about 10 years back when I really got into it in high school. I have never spent more than $40 on a shirt and no more than $100 on jacket and lastly no more than $250 on a pair of sneakers or any type of shoes. I have remained fashion forward and trendy for years though and a lot of my friends wonder how? I never follow trends first of all, secondly I never settle for the first price I see I research everything, lastly I will wait for a sale for months before I buy anything to get the best price. I always buy name brand and I rarely spend more than $300 on a shopping spree. After you have enough different outfits you can start mixing and match to make new outfits out of the ones you already have and nobody can tell the difference. I am far from a celebrity so nobody will remember what I had on two weeks ago for the most part so why should I spend thousands on clothes every month. As I see it staying fashionable and trendy is not about the amount of money you spend it is about being different standing out and being yourself. Being comfortable in your clothes and your skin is what matters and your attitude towards how you style and wear your clothes will turn heads more than the name brand stitched into the corner of your shirt. Pay attention to this blog and I will continue to give you fashion advice on how to get the most for your money while remaining a trendy fashionable person. Just watch.


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