I have been buying clothes for 10+ years and I always wear name brand clothes and rarely designer brands. I do not promote buying an $800 shirt but if you want by all means go for it. I have found a few ways to buy the best clothes from designer brands for the best prices. First of all every brand sells through a second party whether it be Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Saks Fifth or whatever it may be and most brands sell through their own online website where you will never get a deal for the most part. Almost every brand Gucci, Balenciaga, Guess and more has outlet websites though and this is where they sell there clothes that they had left over of or are out of season. These are the best places to buy clothes because you get that name brand style but at a cheaper price. Guess for instance has Guess Factory a website that always has deals on its high end fashion brand. Neiman Marcus has a outlet website and use to have store front outlets called last call where they send tons of name brand clothes and designer clothes to and discount them sometimes up to 75%. Saks Fifth has outlet stores and a website Saks off Fifth and you can find deals on watches bags shoes and many more. My suggestion and what I have done is I sign up for email notifications and join there membership which is FREE!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Free membership why not sign up for it and start getting notifications to enjoy large discounts. If you look hard enough into larger designer brands and can find where they send there clothes to outlets you can get more for less and continue to be fashionable. Why spend thousands for what you can spend hundreds or less on and still look like you spent the money. I will be buying an outfit from these outlet stores and showing you what you can get for the money very shortly. Subscribe to my blog so you can remain notified of how to save money and look amazing. Fashion 7 days a week !


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