Styling yourself can be very hard to find the right fit and brands that make you look amazing. The first thing you need to know is your body, are you short, tall, skinny, thick what body type do you have. Personally, I am short for a male and small about 5’8″ 135 pounds. I have to find slim shirts and skinny pants some times I have to buy skinniest when it comes to pacsun brand jeans. After you know your body, think about what you want to look like and how you can pull that style off by finding different brands that fit your body type to enhance the style you are trying to pull of.

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Do not think that you need to buy all of your clothes from the same retailer! I buy my pants from pacsun and H&M, shirts I prefer Guess because they are a slim fit nice and snug to my body and jackets I will buy from just about anywhere if I like the style. This is just me specifically though you have to find your brands and merchants that carry the right style and fit for you. I am a strong believer in wearing whatever makes you feel comfortable and that is all I will wear, if I am not comfortable I will not wear it. This is a major part in why I do not wear suits or dress up often because I do not feel comfortable in those types of clothes I feel stuffy and stiff. This is just my personal preference though. If you have a slim frame like myself skinny jeans and slim shirts and jackets will look good on you, if you like that style. If you happen to be a little thicker of course you can still wear skinny clothes but slim pants and regular shirts may look better on you. You have to know your body and what style you are trying to pull of at that moment in time. The more you know about your body, this being completely factual you can not be skinny and think you have muscles you have to be honest the better. You will know what compliments your frame when you are honest with yourself. You may have to try out multiple different brands depending on style and frame of your body but after you find the right brands you can start to pull some amazing outfits together.

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