Saving $100 a month seems easy right? Well I worked for  a bank and it is not as easy as it seems for most people these days. I have seen people living paycheck to paycheck spending money on completely idiotic items overdrawing their accounts and more. Normally I talk about fashion and how you can save money shopping at different retailers but it occurred to me that first you have to have the money saved to be able to spend. So $100 a month seems like a small some of money but if you do the math that is $1200 per year $12,000 over 10 years and so on it may not make you rich… or will it. If you are investing this money into stocks and bonds you can make double your money in half the time but this is strictly about saving money. I save about $500 every month and I do the simplest thing ever. When I first started working for a financial institution I was not the best with money I met this young lady there who had two children and we sat next to each other in training. I saw her creating a spreadsheet of her bills and how much she assumed her paychecks would be every two weeks and subtracting the bills and seeing what was left over and where she could deduct some expenses like instead of having time warner cable just have att for internet cut back on groceries from walmart and buy bulk from sams to last longer just little things. I also noticed that she deducted $50 dollars from every paycheck and put that in her savings account. I took this idea and ran with it I did my own spreadsheet substracted everything and I had a little more left over though since I did not have any children of my own so I deducted $125 from one deposit in my account to go straight to savings and another for $375 from my other account straight to savings. I tried to do this manually at first but it hurt to much to see my checkings account get low. So, like a lot of Banks now in days I went on line and set it up to happen automatically so that it would not be me doing it because I could not be trusted.

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My initial spreadsheet consisted of rent water bill groceries electric and shopping/ spending money. I narrowed it down to the dollar so everything would be accounted for. If I happened to go over in groceries I cut back in clothes and spending money and vice versa. I soon saw my savings accounts jump into thousands of dollars very quickly. If you

1) Create a spending report on a spreadsheet to calculate bills and other expenses

2) Cut back on bills and find discounts to stretch your money

3) Have the left over money automatically sent to savings


You will see your savings account increase exponentially. If you want to be an over achiever you can go ahead and the day before you get paid check your checkings account balance and after you get paid transfer that balance to your savings on top of your automatic transfer, now that’s what I call saving. Every dollar counts and it adds up very quickly. Start out small maybe with $50 at first and once you get acclimated to having less to throw away you will not even notice that small amount leaving your check. If you can afford to save more then do it but set it up automatically so you do not even have to think about it almost every bank offers this and most you can actually do yourself via online banking.  Because my normal blogs are about fashion I have to tie this in with shopping thinking about how many amazing different items you could buy yourself for Christmas next year if you start saving just $50 a paycheck now sounds great right? Shopping SPREE!!!! This all sounds so simple but if you do not think to do it or know to do it then you can be losing easy money every month living paycheck to paycheck. Nobody should have to live like that and this may help you start succeeding financially.

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