Collecting sneakers these days are a lot easier than years past, every thing is accessible via internet and apps for the right price of course. I have owned over 200 pairs of sneakers in my time collecting sneakers and I have never paid more than $250 for any sneaker and that is what I am going to teach you today. The first thing you should know is that you should never pay more for sneakers than retail because as soon as you wear them unless they are super rare the price depreciates just like a car.  The second thing is if you want the shoe you will do the research watch every sneaker blog and website to see how many will be released and where to give yourself better odds at getting them. Determination is key along with an ounce of luck. Collecting sneakers are easier for people with more money of course but if you are consistent and always looking you can find some very good deals. Do not think that the most expensive sneakers are the best to have if you love Vans the collect them or Reebok what ever you like do your research and start collecting. Me, personally I think real sneakerheads have a little of everything so there are not to many brands I do not have. If you want to collect sneakers it does not mean you can not wear them, you just have to keep them clean. I clean my shoes before and after every wear. I have certain shoes that are grab and go sneakers just for everyday and the rest of my more exclusive sneakers I keep in the boxes at all times. You have to keep them nice or you will end up with a beater box of sneakers very quickly. Patience is key do not just go out and buy a lot of sneakers that will not hold any value but if they hold value to you that is what really matters. Pretty much my four rules to sneakers collecting…

1- Buy what you like

2- Keep them clean

3- Never pay an absurd amount for anything

4- Be patient

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