Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers ! Now that Turkey day is here this begins the start of shopping season for Christmas. The best part of shopping during this time frame is the money you can possibly save through companies while buying amazing gifts for loved ones.

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The first thing that most people are going to do is run out of their house after Thanksgiving dinner is over and go jump in a long line at different retailers to get the best prices right? Yes, but this is not necessary most retailers only have a few crazy deals on Black Friday and if you are not at the beginning of the line you more than likely will not catch this deal. The best thing to do actually is to scour and search for the little deals that you would rarely get and that nobody really thinks of because they do not see the big sign that says 50% off. How I save my money is while everybody is out Black Friday shopping completely forgetting that we have a complete shopping mall at our finger tips either on our phone or laptop I scour through every website that I want to purchase items from.

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Companies although they will have mediocre sales in store Black Friday they will have the same sales and maybe better ones online that you can order even though you may have to wait for it to be delivered instant gratification shoppers can not usually deal with this. If you are an instant gratification shopper you can waste a lot of money not scouring the internet for ridiculous discounts. I have scoured the internet for discounts for my personal shopping and every retailer has discounts but, yes there is a but the retailers outlet websites have better discounts because they are already discounted ! Guess outlet is giving 60% off their already marked down prices that is crazy to think you can get designer brands for such a great price. I implore you to shop online throughout the holiday season rather than actually go out to all these different stores when you can earn better savings online and save time. Just take a look!

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