I put together the cheapest outfit I could recently and it still looked pretty good, The total for this outfit was about $50 not including the shoes and about $90 including the shoes. This is how I brought this outfit together. First, I shop at pacsun a lot so I am always earning points and getting notifications about deals. They recently had a red sticker sale where if you buy one item you get two more items for free in their outlet store. I bought 2 hoodies and a pair of sweats for about $40 and that is a deal when it comes to pacsun. Next the pants I got from HM on black friday last year and there was a little nick in the pocket so I asked for a discount because it was the last pair customer service is great they gave me 30% off the pants so I paid about $15 for the pants. Lastly my Jersey I got in a box from THREADBEAST I pay $55 for every month this box came with a Kenneth Cole shirt this jersey a backpack socks and another tan t-shirt worth more than the box price definitely. After I Put these items together with my Red Checker board Vans I believe it came together nicely.

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