Recently, my brother came to visit me and we wanted to go out enjoy a little a dinner and just catch up since I only see him about three times a year. This was my simple cheap club outfit that cost less than $200 all together. 

In this outfit which is very simple I pull out the old Bullhead skinny jeans with the stretch denim along with the classic and timeless Air Jordan Retro 3 cement colorway. A nice fossil watch compliments my outfit with a large black face and gold plated. I pulled my old “leather” collarless jacket from H&M out of the closet with a Amazon Essential red plaid flannel shirt. Lastly, I always wear a hat but this simple black Stussy dad hat from Zumiez brings the outfit together. A simple outfit but very stylish and clean. 

This outfit came together very nicely and to go along with my last post if I were to subtract the hat and put in some Chelsea boots, I could go straight in to work with this outfit. Save money and look stylish by having outfits that can go with anything and be worn anywhere.
Pacsun bullhead skinny jeans- $65 Air Jordan Retro 3 Black Cement- $220 Amazon Essential plaid flannel- $18 H&M Leather jacket- $60 Stussy Black dad hat- $30 Fossil watch- $175 Be sure to follow my Instagram @lvnngood and @postmyfit if you want to be featured on my page just tag me. Link is in social tab at the top of the page join my crew and subscribe Thank you for your support in advance !

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