Recently, I had been looking for a good looking khaki trench coat to put together with a stylish outfit, but I am not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on one coat. I found a coat back in September at Nordstrom but they wanted $150 for it, which I was not willing to spend but after re-checking their website I saw that it was on sale for HALF OFF. I found the closest Nordstrom to me and went there the next morning found the Jacket on the sale rack and even got an extra 10% discount just from talking to the associate and being nice so I spent about $60 on this nice trench coat instead of $150. After I bought this jacket I put a simple outfit together that turned out to be stylish and able to be worn in multiple different ways and here is how it came out.

This simple outfit comes together with a off white and navy blue Amazon Essential plaid flannel shirt. Pants by H&M skinny black wax for the right fit on a skinny guy like myself. The hat comes from Nautica with a jean and khaki design simple but it pulls the outfit together. Boots from Aldo a nice black Chelsea boot will give you a good professional look that is still comfortable to wear. Lastly, and most important is the khaki trench coat from Nordstrom, very comfortable and stylish. Now watch this a change of shoes changes the entire vibe of this outfit. I go from being able to go to work at my job in corporate America minus the hat to being able to go out on the town with friends with a simple shoes swap.

A simple shoe swap to the Gold Air Max 97’s by Nike gives my a good looking street style that still looks amazing. I am a fan of having outfits that you can make one little change and be able to go from the streets to the office and this is definitely an outfit I can do this with consistently. The khaki trench coat and its neutral color can go with almost any color and can be dressed up or down easily. I implore you to try out different styles and always think how can I wear this to work in an office and out on the town SAVE yourself some money but look good while doing it.

Nautica Dad Hat- $25

H&M Black Wax Skinny Jeans-$30

Nordstrom Topman Trench Coat- $60

Aldo Chelsea Boots- $65

Amazon Essential Plaid Shirt- $18

Nike Air Max 97 Gold- $170

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