Everybody shops before the Holidays and they look for the best prices they can find. Yet, not many people will shop after the holiday season because all of their money has been spent buying presents. Most companies will have better sales after the holidays because this is when they are trying to balance the returned items and still keep profits up. I recently went shopping and ordered a few items from Nike, H&M, and Pacsun for less than $200 I had an entire outfit including sneakers crazy right?

A simplistic blue button up from H&M with small triangles on them will give you a nice vintage classic look that can match up with almost any outfit. You can never go wrong with skinny jeans no holes. Pulled out the old H&M “leather jacket to add a some layers since it is Winter time. Lastly, I got on the Nike Curry Pack Air Max One on an old school sneaker that is hard to put an outfit together with but with this simple outfit I let my sneakers talk for me.

As always every item except the sneakers can go along with a professional look. I love to be able to dress up items along with maintaining the capability to dress it down. This is how you can really save money walking this fine line of urban, casual, and professional. Let your imagination run wild but buying for any occasion will reduce the amount of money you spend on different outfits. Then you can start piecing them together to create your “look”. Style is what you make it!


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