Getting a job, this can be hard for many people and very stressful. Recently, I got a new position with my employer but even though I work there already I still had to have an interview. I have not interviewed with a company in over a year and found that my Business attire was a little bit dated. So my dilemma along with most who are looking to land a corporate job, “what do I wear to this interview” right? I did not want to spend to much money doing this because I rarely wear a full suit but I did want to look nice to give a good impression. H&M came to the rescue!

My slim frame of 140 pounds and their skinny grey twill suit was a perfect fit. While in H&M I even got some help from the representatives they instructed me that a nice plain white button up would be more professional than a colored shirt and I pulled out the red tie just to tie in the company colors. I bought the shoes because my old out dated dress shoes were scuffed and needed to be tossed in the trash to be honest.

Thanks to the help of H&M, I have a nice skinny suit that fits perfectly. My colleagues were complimenting my suit as if I spent $500.00 or more on it, but in reality I only spent $180 for the entire outfit.

This outfit bought from H&M cost…

Jacket: $69.99

Collared shirt: $14.99

Pants: $39.99

Shoes: $39.99

After taxes right around $180.00 spent, I already had the red tie and socks but a majority of this outfit came straight from H&M and it is a great look. H&M offers not only skinny suits for the more slender men like myself but slim and regular fit as well. They offer varieties from plain black, navy, grey, tan, and more online. You get what you buy and this being an entire suit for just $180 I would not suggest doing any extraneous in it but this gets the job done and looks amazing. Needless to say I got the job! H&M came though yet again with style, fit, and comfort!


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