The chronicles of fashion and style continue as I brought about a little throwback with the Stefan Urquelle look. Those who do not know who this fictitious character is, he is Steven Urkells other half the cooler side of the classic nerdy geek from the 90’s T.V. show.

I picked up a Tommy Hilfiger 90’s block rugby shirt along with some nice Pacsun brand jeans. My socks by stance sock company in a beautifully simple off white color. Lastly my old skool VANS with velcro straps to really get geeky. This twist on the 90’s based character came together very nicely and got a lot of feed back from my Instagram following.

If you like this style but are a little skeptical on wearing high waters. You can always wear regular pants and you still will maintain a very fashionable outfit and stay trendy.

Every item from this outfit was bought from PACSUN and cost me right around $150 total with the discount sales that PACSUN offers in their outlet stores. In all honest most of my pants come from PACSUN or H&M just because they seem to be the most comfortable in my opinion. If you like this outfit and want to see more make sure to follow me on Instagram @lvnngood and follow my fashion profile as well @postmyfit to share your amazing outfits.


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