NBA All-Star weekend was a few weeks ago and it was amazing ! Hundreds of thousands of people coming together to enjoy the awesome game of basketball. Lucky me it came straight to my city which was great! All-Star weekend had tons of pop up shops from Nike, Adidas, Black Sheep Skate shop, The Social Status, and more. The Nike and Air Jordan Releases All- Star Weekend were the best though. I personally had to pick up the Air Jordan 1 Turbo Green because they went with my home team colors and were released specifically for Charlotte All- Star weekend which more than likely will not happen again for a long time.

The off white on the mid sole and amazing tumbled leather that Jordan Brand put on these sneakers really made this sneaker stick out from the others for me. I picked these up from Champs Sports but I did happen to see them at the Nike Pop up shop they put together at the Charlotte Mint Museum.

The Nike pop up shop brought out all of the NBA stars you could only wish to meet in my eyes though, the best part of this weekend was meeting Jayson Tatum. Since I refused to pay the ridiculous and absurd prices for tickets to see the game I had to attend festivities to try and meet a few celebrities. This brought on a lot of pressure for me to look decent enough to shake a future Hall of Fame NBA players hand. I decided per usual that a nice simple outfit would be fine. I wanted to wear my cities colors and be comfortable since walking around downtown was a real hassle. At one point in time there were over 50,000 people in the Epicentre alone.

NBA All-Star weekend was amazing and I hope that it comes back to Charlotte before I get extremely old so this time I can go to some of the games and get good tickets. If you like my content be sure to subscribe and follow me on Instagram @lvnngood.


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