Fashion friday brings out a simple stylish outfit. I pulled out an awesome Odd Future Pull over wind breaker along with some skinny stacked pacsun jeans, and lastly the Royal Air Jordan 1’s.

It is a simple outfit and the Odd Future Windbreaker is super comfortable very well made and decently inexpensive. This windbreaker cost right around $65. The Royal Air Jordan 1’s released about 2 years ago but they are a classic even if Jordan’s are starting to phase out of style these days with the non stop releases every weekend.

Simplicity is sometimes the best style, not to much and not to little but just the right amount to turn heads and get the nod of approval from by standers. You can pick up this entire outfit excluding the Air Jordan sneakers from Zumiez and Pacsun for less than $125.00. That is a steal honestly especially since the jeans can be re worn with any other type of outfit almost.

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