Sneaker culture and style, it changes like the seasons but my style and preference does not. A lot of new “sneakerheads” are really only following the crowd choosing what is popular at that particular moment in time. Myself in particular choose what I desire or have desired in the past. A sneaker with a story and or history behind the shoe. It is never all about what is particularly in fashion that makes my mind up. Sneakers that released before I had money or sneakers that sold out before I could get them, even sneakers that came out before I was born that just catch my eye. These are the sneakers I desire most, classics. These sneakers will never get old and the story behind them will never cease to be told.

I currently own 99 pairs of sneakers from classic Jordans to Old Skool Vans and everything in between. I have collected sneakers for around 8 years now and over those 8 years I have probably around 300 pairs of sneakers. I sold sneakers to either pay for school, a vacation, or they were sneakers I just would not wear and had no point in keeping them. The sneakers I have left are sneakers that mean a lot to me, sneakers that will be hard for me to get back if I desired. I am far from rich but patience has allowed me to collect everything I needed at retail price or below. I consistently search for deals and if I can not get that deal I will not buy the sneakers at all. A sneaker that stands out that not everybody has or wants is the sneaker I want to have in my collection because it will turn heads and make questions be asked. This always puts a smile on my face. I do have sneakers that I have not worn in 5 or more years and these sneakers are some of the first shoes that I bought out of high school so they mean a great deal to me and will always be in my closet. Most of my shoes though I try to wear them whenever I get the chance. I may wear 3 pairs of shoes a day just trying to wear something that has not been worn in a while. No I do not have the most expensive sneakers in the world or the largest collection but my collection is everything that I WANT. Sneakers to me are the anchor to fashion and style they can pull your outfit together or tear it apart. I will not go broke over sneakers or stand in line but I will always hold sneakers near and dear to my heart as an avid collector.


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