The beginning of spring and even though the weather is not really cooperating I managed to put together a small outfit. I pulled out a little H&M Tee shirt black and white stripes plain and simple but fashion forward. This can be found at any H&M for around $12.00, so it is also decently inexpensive.

Since we are starting to feel this spring weather, I was able to pull out the old levi cut off shorts with bleach spots. A nice skinny fit really can give you that California feeling and vibe even though North Carolina weather does not really approve of this style.

Since, I decided to go with more of a California style I pulled out my velcro strap vans simple and stylish but most of all comfortable. I personally like the velcro straps but all of my friends say I look like an enormous child. I just chalk that up to them not expanding their horizon as far as fashion and style. If you aren’t willing to step outside the box then can you really call yourself fashionable?

Lastly, I pulled a smooth pair of shades out because this was the first sunny day of the year I had to jump on this opportunity to use my shades. These are prescription sunglasses but I really like the fact that the frames are rounded un-like my ray-bans. It just brings something different to the table I will need to buy more for my trip to California and Las Vegas coming up very soon. If you are getting ready for this spring style let me see what you all are doing email me, you can find my email or instagram on the contact me page.


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